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It was a tiny room, high up on the fifth floor of a block of flats, prettily but inexpensively furnished.
You cannot think how artlessly and prettily she assures me of her happiness.
All the children gathered about him, and, led by the tuneful sisters, sang prettily till Pokey fell asleep behind the door, and Jamie gaped audibly right in the middle of his favourite
Otherwise it is like a prettily wrapped box, but with no present inside.
In keeping with the theme, the tree was festooned with pink fairy lights and decorated with peppermint swirls, gumdrops and prettily iced gingerbread houses.
The first ASOS make-up line has just gone live, and as well as being prettily packaged, it's all really good, wearable, non-gimmicky stuff.
To get that prettily imperfect look, Richard grabbed any pieces that were too straight or frizzy and bent them with a flat iron.
It's just a shame Linda Cardellini isn't asked to do much more than frown prettily and gasp on demand in the mum role.
A group of walkers just come in Around Stanley Park they've trekked Busy telling people about the sights they've seen And the church is so prettily decked
Co-helmed by Cheng Yu-chieh and Lekal Sumi Cilangasan with all the right sentimental beats, this saccharine, prettily shot pic won the audience award at the Taipei Film Festival, and it's easy enough to see why.
They have their Andy Warhol moment, thinking it's going to make them famous, but very few have actually succeeded" Lord Sugar on those contestants on TV's The Apprentice who are more interested in publicity than in business "I find it is possible to blush prettily while simultaneously banging a big bass drum" Broadcaster Danny Baker, above "I expected it to be the biggest work of fiction since Jules Verne and that seems to have happened .
As the waves crashed against the rocks, I was also reminded of this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a man who respected nature in a way we perhaps do not: "The water understands Civilization well; It wets my foot, but prettily, It chills my life, but wittily, It is not disconcerted, It is not broken-hearted: Well used, it decketh joy, Adorneth, doubleth joy: Ill used, it will destroy, In perfect time and measure With a face of golden pleasure Elegantly destroy.