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And Meg shook her head, as she thought regretfully of all the pretty things she wanted.
You always will be pretty, do what you will," said George.
It was pretty good times up in the woods there, take it all around.
It was coming down the road--coming in the shadder of the trees, and you couldn't see it good; not till it was pretty close to us; then it stepped into a bright splotch of moonlight and we sunk right down in our tracks--it was Jake Dunlap's ghost
Perhaps if her mother had carried her pretty face and her pretty manners oftener into the nursery Mary might have learned some pretty ways too.
To see the clinging of that pretty little thing to her uncle,' said Mr.
Now, I confess, that seemed to me quite a pretty idea, and I hope the reader will think so too.
was all he could say when he saw the pretty little girl in the walnut- shell.
And they are the prettiest attitudes and movements into which a pretty girl is thrown in making up butter--tossing movements that give a charming curve to the arm, and a sideward inclination of the round white neck; little patting and rolling movements with the palm of the hand, and nice adaptations and finishings which cannot at all be effected without a great play of the pouting mouth and the dark eyes.
One is young, one is pretty, one needs new dresses and fresh gloves; one can't wear shabby gowns among the splendors of the Louvre.
And that was well said, my pretty one," answered Mother Rigby.
There were also pretty little barns, with china fences around them; and many cows and sheep and horses and pigs and chickens, all made of china, were standing about in groups.