pretty good

See: passable
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"Was pretty good fight, wa'n't it?" he timidly said.
"That is a pretty good joke," said the Reporter, laughing as well as he could in the strangling rain - "a mule driver's prayer answered!"
That was because she must have come of pretty good stock, and had a pretty good raising.
School is pretty good. The Teacher can answer more questions than the Temperance one but not so many as I can ask.
"But I'm a pretty good mark for a shot, and you see if it brings me down, why I leave one and perhaps two behind me whom I should wish to provide for, as I brought 'em into the scrape.
But Jack seemed to be in pretty good shape, after all, and Tip said to him:
As the face of this young woman might be called pretty good security of the before-mentioned kind, and as her behaviour had been always extremely modest, which is the certain consequence of understanding in women; she had passed above four years at Mr Partridge's (for that was the schoolmaster's name) without creating the least suspicion in her mistress.
"Pretty good business!" quoth the sagacious Dixey,--"pretty good business!"
This she agreed to do; and Chanticleer got upon the box, and drove, crying, 'Now, duck, get on as fast as you can.' And away they went at a pretty good pace.
"Well, I guess we have everything in pretty good shape," remarked Tom to his chum a day or so after the visit of Mr.
It would require a pretty good scholar in arithmetic to tell how many stripes he had inflicted, and how many birch rods he had worn out, during all that time, in his fatherly tenderness for his pupils.
"Oh, Aunt Jimsie, haven't we been pretty good girls, take us by and large, these three winters you've mothered us?" pleaded Phil.