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After that I suppose we shall have pretty nearly finished rubbing off each other's angles," he reflected; but the worst of it was that May's pressure was already bearing on the very angles whose sharpness he most wanted to keep.
The new abode of the two friends was with a pious widow, of good social rank, who dwelt in a house covering pretty nearly the site on which the venerable structure of King's Chapel has since been built.
They can, after having listened, tell pretty nearly how many men are marching, how many arms resound, how many cannons roll.
He had eaten pretty nearly all the dinner, to the huge delight of his little daughter; the child was smiling at her father's flagrant infraction of the Countess' rules.
Jos was seated at that moment on deck under the awning, and pretty nearly opposite to the Earl of Bareacres and his family, whose proceedings absorbed the Bengalee almost entirely.
All the other fences were pretty nearly filled with the living, who were stealthily work- ing their way forward through the wires.
Here Frances had greatly the worst of it, not only because she was unskilled to argue, but because her own real opinions on the point in question happened to coincide pretty nearly with Mr.
It's my opinion, sir, that it's pretty nearly allowing to his not having any imagination; and that if imagination could be (which it can't) knocked into him, he'd never be able to do it any more.
We find it the easiest thing to accept an explanation like the one Napoles gave a couple of weeks ago, that she has lost pretty nearly all her money, if at all she had it to begin with.
At Memorial Elementary School in Upton, students made their voices heard, and they were pretty nearly divided in their views.
I think he was saying pretty nearly what Krastev said a few minutes later, talking about the Bulgarian situation.
Speaking on Friday, prior to setting out for Holland on Sunday, Mr Pugh said: "We go pretty nearly every year.