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Partly cloudy skies are expected to prevail on Thursday and temperature is to slightly drop.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly cold to very cold and dry weather is expected in most parts and shallow foggy conditions are likely to prevail over Peshawar division during late night /morning hours.
Under the merger agreement, all Prevail CU employees will retain their jobs, including Prevail's president/CEO, Tom Graves, who will become executive vice president of the continuing entity.
Another rise in temperatures is expected Thursday but normal Summer conditions will prevail in the hilly areas while it will be relatively hot in the other parts of the kingdom.
Aboard Prevail, from the engine room on up to the bridge, the ship's master and crew members were deep in character as they played out their current scenario.
If the ordinance prevails, it's only a matter of time until emboldened city officials think about applying this anti-business formula to the rest of the city.
Fios' Prevail is a third-generation, Web-based tool designed to help legal teams manage, search and produce vast amounts of electronic evidence.
Will regulatory forces prevail and reduce us effectively to statutory auditors?
When a plaintiff does not prevail on one or more of these separate claims, the plaintiff's attorney is not entitled to a fee award for work on such unsuccessful claims.
Two new families of thermoplastic alloys, known as Sabre and Prevail, engineered for automotive body panel applications, were introduced by Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich.
Partly cloudy to clear skies are expected to prevail on Friday and temperature is anticipated to further rise.
Dr Ghulam Rasool, Chief Meteorologist, said the westerly weather system will prevail for the next two days and cause scattered and light rain in various parts, a private news channel reported.