prevail against

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The exceptional could not prevail against the material contacts which make one day resemble another.
He called the international sporting and Olympic community to "close ranks to make the Olympic values of friendship, tolerance and peace prevail against rancour, fanaticism and obscurantism.
We believe that we will prevail against terrorism and we want all the Lebanese to be in the victory circle and not outside it -- so that no one feels defeated," Bassil said.
SIR - How wonderful to see Wales prevail against a very good and massively improved Scottish team in Edinburgh.
It does not matter how bad the initial condition, a determined people can prevail against even the most impossible of all odds,
In the mixed, Malcolm Lightbown and Renton defeated Mark Tuttle and Terri-Lee Holmes in two sets - but Andy Wethereall and McGill could not prevail against Liz Holt and Darren Whitley.
In this evening's other match, Athletic Bilbao are 4-6 to prevail against Osasuna at the San Mames.
Spokesman for the army, "We prevail against the rebels for the last two days and progressing toward north.
For a period of 23 long years they battled on against all the odds with only the donations of sympathisers and an enduring belief that good will eventually prevail against evil.
Broad is not surprised to be confronted by questions about his team's capacity to prevail against spinners outside England.
Meanwhile, on the right side of the law, Detective Colin Anderson is struggling to prevail against a hierarchy that is holding back his promotion, and his colleague Prudence Costello is tentatively being brought back into the fold after five months spent recuperating from devastating injuries.
Winning FDNY doubles team members Captain Tom Spade of Brooklyn's Ladder Company 242 and Firefighter Glenn Brown from Manhattan's Ladder Company 1, couldn't prevail against the Bryans in action, but a good time was had by all.