prevail against

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And look not for allies; I know indeed Such height of insolence was never reached Without abettors or accomplices; Thou hast some backer in thy bold essay, But I will search this matter home and see One man doth not prevail against the State.
The wonder is that there was not enough folly in the household to prevail against your good sense."
The exceptional could not prevail against the material contacts which make one day resemble another.
The federal minister talked to media and stressed that Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani will definitely prevail against the no-confidence motion that has been tabled against him by the opposition.
A spokesperson said: "Jefferies expected the Carbon Fund to prevail against Mr Bressler, and is confident that we will now prevail and be awarded our $2.4M in losses because the Carbon Fund partners, who had fiduciary duties to monitor Mr Bressler's trading, had full access to, and were routinely provided with, information about all accounts opened and every trade done by Mr Bressler." [Reference Link]:[]
Hassan produced an admirable display of command and control over his shot making to prevail against some very accomplished golfers like Amir Chaudry, Imran Haider and Waleed Zubair.
Will Joao Moutinho's pedigree prevail against Abdoulaye Doucoure's box-to-box class?
The British sense of decency and mutual respect - to which all communities must subscribe - has prevailed against Islamist outrages in London and elsewhere It will prevail against the Islamophobia that gave rise to last week's atrocity in New Zealand.
'Let us remain vigilant and prevail against these anti-democratic forces,' Panelo said.
'Although Kunarac has served two-thirds of his sentence as of November 1, 2016, the concrete circumstances of his case, including the gravity of the crimes, as well as the fact that Kunarac has not demonstrated sufficient signs of rehabilitation, prevail against his early release at this stage,' Judge Theodor Meron said in his decision.
Kim said he is concerned that they are entering the tournament without playing a single tuneup match but vowed that South Korea will prevail against their opponents.
The Air Chief assured the Defence Minister that PAF is fully vigilant on all frontiers of the country, and will prevail against all adversaries as Pakistan's first line of defence.