prevail upon

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Nothing could prevail upon them to remain longer in this country.
As for yourself, let me prevail upon you to take the best ship you can get, with a crew of twenty men, and go in quest of your father who has so long been missing.
During the 10 hour long polling process, five cases of attempted fraudulent acts were thwarted by law enforcers resulting in arrest of three impersonators, one presiding officer trying to prevail upon voters and eight attempting to snatch polling material.
Nigeria will ask OPEC to prevail upon fellow member Iran to defer its plans for a post-sanctions rise in oil exports in order to ease the oil price decline that is adversely affecting the revenues of producing countries.
The leaders urged International community to prevail upon India for implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and ending the oppression and suppression on the subjugated people.
Lalu, whose daughter is married to the SP chief's grand nephew, also referred to his personal relationship with Mulayam, saying he has all the rights to prevail upon him.
There was a belief for some years if they could prevail upon the vulnerable female to withdraw their statement that somehow charges would be dropped.
He further said that the United States being an influential member of the international community could prevail upon India to work with Pakistan towards regional peace and economic prosperity.
After standing sullenly in the rain for about half-an-hour, a large crowd of the men visited those ships on which work was proceeding and endeavoured to prevail upon the men to cease their labours.
I would ask those who continue to support him to prevail upon him to obey my instructions.
Sources added that Odom constantly threatened to leave which forced the television personality to make several trips to prevail upon him to stay.
Bank Indonesia wanted a cap on ownership stakes in local banks and politicians wanted the Monetary Authority of Singapore to prevail upon the Singapore government to allow greater access for Indonesian banks in the country in return.