prevail upon

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Stressing the importance of peace and stability to have prosperity around the world, including in this region, Ban said that conflicts, terrorism and the absence of basic freedom for people in war-torn countries in the Middle East and its neighbourhood were causing considerable hardships and it was high time the major players used their influence to prevail upon the warring parties.
It said that top officials of neighboring North-West Frontier Province had reached the area and were trying to prevail upon the two sides to cease hostilities.
REMEMBRANCE When morning breaks, the sun shines through The window light hope springs anew; As men of faith united stand; Peace must prevail upon this land.
As Moses remains unseen on the mountain for an indefinitely long period ("forty days and forty nights"), the Israelites below come to assume the worst and prevail upon Aaron to make them an idol to worship (chap.
But government power can also be used to dampen innovation, most often when interest groups prevail upon lawmakers to give them special protections.
IBM believes it will prevail upon its appeal of the ruling.
I also hope to prevail upon Liverpool City Council to review the way they are delegating the funding of support for pupils with special needs to schools.
I therefore prevail upon my wealthy backers with pockets as deep as the Atlantic Ocean to invest in West Brom.
He told judges: "I should like to prevail upon you to intervene to allow me to have this visit because of this ill treatment.
The court also found that issues of material fact existed as to whether the jai1 chaplain coerced the female inmate or used his position to prevail upon her to engage in repeated sexual acts, while simultaneously assured her that God would forgive her actions.
If elected officials--state and federal--fail to take action to correct this alarming situation, we must prevail upon them until they do.
And all these orders upwards gaze with awe, As downwards each prevail upon the rest, Whence all are drawn to God and to Him draw.