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The fact that the Hussains prevailed on the public nuisance claim, standing by itself, does not necessarily mean they were the prevailing party.
The trial court found that the officer had "prevailed" and therefore, was entitled to reimbursement of his attorney's fees pursuant to [F.S.
Having prevailed in protracted litigation, the winner often feels like the outcome was clear from the start.
Similarly, in Conte, 277 F.2d 664, the plaintiff prevailed on his personal injury claims against the defendant.
There is no question that the right side prevailed in that struggle of the early 1960s, just as the right side had prevailed 100 years before.
Insecurity, it seemed, prevailed at the height of the party's post-war electoral success.
While admitting that it is "very unusual" to win a decision when a rent stabilized landlord admits reducing building services, in this case Metz felt that common sense prevailed.
It has prevailed for millennia in Europe, developing early in Roman law and spreading from there to the civil law systems that evolved all over the continent and became codified in France, Germany, and elsewhere around the time of Napoleon.
She concludes that, in spite of black inventiveness and success with literacy, "ultimately, the hegemony of the white ideology of literacy prevailed" (153).
City of Chicago,(20) the plaintiff prevailed in his lawsuit alleging that he was unconstitutionally detained for over 48 hours without a judicial probable cause hearing, but the jury awarded him only nominal damages.
Fog prevailed at a few plain areas of Punjab during morning hours.
Moser holds that if the claimant in an NASD arbitration has alleged a statutory cause of action under the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, the arbitration award should indicate whether the claimant prevailed on that claim.