prevailing conditions

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Hariri had arrived at dawn today in the US capital, where he is expected to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a number of US officials, with talks centering on the prevailing conditions in Lebanon and the region, and on bilateral relations.
Along with the Indonesian central bank, which will also announce its key interest rate policy on Thursday, Mapa said the BSP was expected to 'enact a 'dovish pause' by keeping the policy stance neutral but simultaneously signaling the increased likelihood for easing in the near term depending on prevailing conditions.'
BAGHDAD / NINA /- A member of the House of Representatives of Saairun Coalition, Salam al-Shimmari confirmed the need to finish naming the candidates of the remaining ministries as soon as possible in the light of the circumstances in the country and the prevailing conditions in the region.
The statement was issued after reports circulated in some social media, which highlighted a voice recording of a Kuwaiti citizen claiming that the embassy did not perform its duties in getting him, and a group of Kuwaiti citizens, back to the country after the prevailing conditions there.
She pointed to the repercussions that Jordan is suffering as a result of the prevailing conditions in the region, including the hosting of large numbers of Syrian refugees, which added enormous burdens on the Kingdom's already-strained budget, stressing the importance of the international community's support for Jordan in this field.
He said it was unwise for his client to travel to Delhi 'under the prevailing conditions of hostility wherein there is a threat to the personal safety of my client'.
Due to prevailing conditions patient are forced to visit hospital in Turbat, which is very expensive and time consuming.
The prevailing conditions not only pose a threat to the atmosphere and ecological system of the city, but can also trigger an outbreak of different diseases.
Herbal Yeast Market is considered to be as a good supplement for prevailing conditions like hair fall, skin infections and nail infections.
WE live in Clifton Block 2, at a stone's throw away from Bilawal House but the prevailing conditions are worse than in any other locality.
We also do not know exactly where the transition occurs in nature, If and how it may move over time, And what are the prevailing conditions there.the aim of this project is to provide unprecedented quantitative constrains on the key material properties and processes associated with deformation and fluid flow at the brittle-plastic transition, And arrive at a clear understanding of the prevailing conditions and the dynamics of fault slip at the transition.i propose to conduct laboratory rock deformation experiments at the high pressure and temperature conditions relevant to the transitional regime, And achieve unprecedented quantitative physical measurements by developing state-of-the-art in-situ instrumentation, Taking advantage of the latest sensor technologies.
It added that fog and smog were likely to prevail in the plain areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and upper Sindh, while drought prevailing conditions could continue and even intensify in other parts of Sindh and southwest of Balochistan.