prevailing conditions

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Cairo, March 1 (Petra)--Minister of Health Mahmoud Al Shayyab called for boosting joint Arab action as well as efforts to protect Arab health systems from the prevailing conditions.
As always, Unit's capital budget is subject to periodic review based on prevailing conditions.
Industry sources have said that due to the prevailing conditions in the international and interbank market, there is a possibility of petrol's price being increased by Rs7 per litre.
Meanwhile, the Met department re-issued an advisory, prepared in co-ordination with the Ministry of Public Health, on how to stay safe during dusty conditions in view of the prevailing conditions.
The panel headed by BJP MP Satyanarayan Jatia observed that the prevailing conditions have led to a sorry situation for players.
The Governor added that policy reforms will continue to be studied and adopted, as appropriate, given prevailing conditions as well as projected trends and developments onshore and offshore.
Earlier, Hariri also met with a delegation from the town of Arsal, who raised with him the current prevailing conditions in their town at the security, economic and social levels.
He is a former Foxes player so knows where to bowl at the venue depending on the prevailing conditions.
Prevailing conditions in the financial industry - including low interest rates and other "operating headwinds" - are only complicating Deutsche Bank's streamlining plans, Moody's said.
After waiting for a couple of hours to see if conditions would change, the organisers raised the red flag at around 3 pm to signal that the race could not be held due to prevailing conditions.
Analyzing the data, Eniram Engine TM then suggests optimal engine combination and fuel type for the prevailing conditions in order to save fuel.
Youjun provides a systematic review and reflection on the historical period, when the fundamental tenets of Marxism combined with ChinaAEs prevailing conditions and revolution practices.