prevailing form

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The founders of these systems see, indeed, the class antagonisms, as well as the action of the decomposing elements, in the prevailing form of society.
In reality, there are very many different forms of democracy and none has been achieved without struggle by ordinary people against whatever was the prevailing form of government.
Also, the extent to which the prevailing form of Islam is entwined with governmental authority varies.
They demonstrate how the prevailing form of fees in corporate practice generates pressure against honest dealing and high quality service, and in accordance with the Rhodean precept that critique must be followed by proposals for reform, they make some original suggestions for fixing the problems.
Sir Howard said: 'My suspicion is that with-profits business in its prevailing form, with its unclear superstructure, obscure marketing and framework of high charges, will not loom as large in the long-term savings environment in the next 20 years as it has in the past 20 years.
At that time, fixed-rate mortgages were the prevailing form of financing a home purchase, while the calculations used to produce the HAI reflected a 20 percent down payment.
For email to retain its status as the prevailing form of electronic communications, email solution providers and their customers must uphold the high value of email while reducing the associated costs and risks.
1) Now expanded and further developed as the opening chapter of Pioneer Performances, Rebhorn's explication of Forrest's challenge to classical, prevailing forms of vocal performance very nicely establishes the grounds upon which to read performances of the frontier as something other than mere reiterations of dominant ideology.
Citing the practice of Descartes, Vjecsner examines prevailing forms of thinking, from linguistic approaches to physical hypotheses.
Disposable diapers are compatible with prevailing forms of waste management, some of which may be waste to energy solutions, and the industry is encouraged by Central and Local Government's efforts to broaden their views on waste treatment options beyond landfills.
For the prevailing forms of real socialism, as in China, bear little allegiance to such a beneficent Marxist humanism.