prevailing idea

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The great and prevailing idea that seemed to take possession of every one was to prepare himself to lift up the people at his home.
'Songs of Experience' the shadow of relentless fact falls somewhat more perceptibly across the page, though the prevailing ideas are the same.
And, Gregory, you've talked about identifying with American culture as a kid, and there existing a prevailing idea of Hollywood.
However, the prevailing idea of a long rest after a concussion has been updated by experts, who now indicate that a briefer rest time of one to two days is often sufficient for most cases, followed by a gradual return to normal activity without exacerbating the head injury.
Astronomers have detected three cold gas clumps falling toward a galaxy's center --at odds with the prevailing idea for how black holes get their food.
Eight in ten had only basic or intermediate-level technical skills, a finding that challenges the another prevailing idea that MOOCs are for those with more advanced information technology skills.
The prevailing idea of a woman's place in Islam is that women are deprived of freedom and equality.
Both Turkish and American soldiers won't be on the ground and the prevailing idea is to coordinate with moderate Syrian opposition fighters for control of the territory.
"Until now the prevailing idea was that recognition should be linked to the negotiations", Fabius said.
There was a prevailing idea that urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging or childbearing, or that it is hereditary, and that other health issues take priority.
The prevailing idea at the opportunities fair seemed to be that reaching one's goal is difficult and takes time, but is achievable.
According to Rubio (5), the prevailing idea that SC always positively contributes to economic efficiency is not sufficient to explain the persistence of inefficient institutions.