prevailing idea

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The great and prevailing idea that seemed to take possession of every one was to prepare himself to lift up the people at his home.
Songs of Experience' the shadow of relentless fact falls somewhat more perceptibly across the page, though the prevailing ideas are the same.
This pulling hypothesis makes more sense, Keppie says, because the prevailing idea posits a big coincidence that the new material just happened to bubble up along one of Pangaea's seams.
When one observes the debates unfolding in the more Islamist circles, one sees that there exists a prevailing idea that the Paris massacre was a sort of uprising against Orientalism and Western colonialism.
Until now the prevailing idea was that recognition should be linked to the negotiations", Fabius said.
There was a prevailing idea that urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging or childbearing, or that it is hereditary, and that other health issues take priority.
The prevailing idea at the opportunities fair seemed to be that reaching one's goal is difficult and takes time, but is achievable.
L'Economiste" recalls that ten years ago, Casablanca and all Morocco were rocked by attacks that are not very sophisticated but well coordinated, while the prevailing idea was that of immunity.
His theory is crucial to the Standard Model theory, which has been the prevailing idea of how the universe came to be for decades.
There is a prevailing idea that sustainability is about expensive, high-concept design.
Meanwhile, 81 percent of Syrians back a regime change in their country and reject the prevailing idea that Christians support the Assad regime, according to the findings of a public opinion poll published by ASHARQ AL AWSAT newspaper on Friday.
More fascinating is the fact that Duchamp decided to incorporate the accident of accumulated dust into his large glass work, a decision probably influenced by earlier dada works and performances where chance altered the prevailing idea of order in art.