prevailing standards

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The delivered goods subject to enforcement under this order should meet the required quality and requirement of the Employer and the prevailing standards.
Even if seal materials meet the prevailing standards of the FDA, USP Class VI and EU Regulation 1935/2004, their migration values could be critical.
Niaz has issued instructions to Inspector General of Police Sindh and Commissioner Karachi Division to ensure the smooth and peaceful conduct of the PPP public gathering on October 18 as per prevailing Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs), said a statement on Wednesday.
It's all in the cause of helping companies of all types and sizes to stay within the law, comply with prevailing standards and so contribute to the prosperity of the area," said Wade.
Our demands are inline with the prevailing standards followed in civilized world.
You can't build client loyalty by benchmarking your service solely against the prevailing standards at other banks--doing so is setting the bar too low.
MBC is a well entrenched association of highly experienced billers and coders with a competent set of pre-qualifications in congruence with the prevailing standards for medical reimbursement ( ICD-9 and HIPAA 4010 coding and reporting compliance ).
Some, Remmel, for instance, believe a compelling case can be made by the packagers of MBS that their conduct simply reflected the prevailing standards at the time they assembled the loan bundles.
Posting monthly survey questions and presenting the findings in light of prevailing standards to its readership is just one way the Center fulfills its mission.
The California law applies to any game that depicts "killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being" if "a reasonable person, considering the game as a whole, would find [it] appeals to a deviant or morbid interest of minors"; if it is "patently offensive to prevailing standards in the community as to what is suitable for minors"; and if it lacks "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.
Today's decision rests on a very different principle: no freedom for expression that offends prevailing standards of political correctness in our country's institutions of higher learning.
All special permits granted to date should be grandfathered as a part of this final rulemaking, and all pending special permit applications should be considered using prevailing standards rather than the standards that will emerge from this rulemaking," INGAA emphasized.