prevailing style

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References in classic literature ?
It was a house of wood, ornamented in the prevailing style of architecture, and about the roof and balustrades was one of the three imitators of the mansion-house.
In both of these media the prevailing style is to depict aspects of Hindu culture.
The prevailing style, large-scale paintings of historical, religious or mythological subject matter, were safe submissions.
For all of Riyadi's prowess going forward, they found themselves falling victim to the prevailing style of Lebanese teams; simply driving and kicking the ball to the perimeter until an open man is found.
We need to put an end to the still prevailing style of "mandonismo" (meaning the party constantly commands the state and the government).
Photographers who believe convenience and reliability should be standard issue always think CaseCruzer: where survival is the prevailing style.
The aim of the column was indeed to meditate on Pound's "make it new" in light of a prevailing style in which many poems by younger poets are currently written.
He would later complain about "jiggling veins of rhyming mother-wits" when he wrote part 1 of Tamburlaine--a challenge to the prevailing style of drama that needs to be seen as a reaction against the kinds of plays produced by these companies.
Clark's tough, casually intimate pictures didn't exactly suit the gallery's prevailing style, which had been set by Paul Caponigro, Walter Chappell, and others who saw the natural world as a site of almost mystical wonder.
Edmonia Lewis died in obscurity in Rome, never having resolved her relationship to the prevailing style, Neoclassicism, in the light of individual expression, and thus was left behind when Auguste Rodin led the Romantic art movement away from the sterility of Neoclassicism.
This book is for people who are living under the tyranny of the prevailing style of management.
They state that there is no prevailing style of organ building or composition today, a situation they see as a significant challenge to the future of the instrument.