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Conclusions: The distribution of SNP prevalences appears biased toward SNPs with lower MAFs (eg 33.
If we assume that untested seronegative patients were not viremic, the overall prevalence of HCV RNA was 0.
The point prevalence of alcohol dependence and abuse was almost 10% among the rescue workers, similar to the 12-month prevalence reported in the general population.
On the other hand, the point prevalence of major depression among participants in this population was under 6%.
We therefore used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to study the prevalence of high concentrations of CRP among normolipidemic individuals.
Although the methods for analyzing incidence studies (and incidence case--control studies) are now well established, there is still considerable confusion and debate about the appropriate methods for analyzing prevalence studies (and prevalence case--control studies).
The CDC's Active Bacterial Core Surveillance, which includes eight states (California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Tennessee), reported the following prevalences in 2000: PCN-N, 27.
Attendees from Central America and Mexico, Europe and the former Soviet Union, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America had intermediate HIV prevalence levels (1.
Blacks cited a lower prevalence of serious mental conditions than whites.
Despite the prevalence of antibodies to a hantavirus in humans in northern Colombia, we did not find any human illnesses.
multilocularis prevalence in the intermediate host Arvicola terrestris also decreased significantly in baited areas.
Does clinical activity indicate ocular chlamydial infection in areas with low prevalences of trachoma?