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Since the Series B financing, Prevalent launched the Legal Vendor Network, a membership-based program designed for law firms to assess and monitor third-party vendors through a centralized data repository.
It includes a 10-year epidemiological forecast of the diagnosed incident and diagnosed prevalent cases of IPF segmented by sex, age (in five-year increments beginning at 18 years and ending at =85 years), and severity in these markets.
It includes a 10-year epidemiological forecast for both 12-month and lifetime total prevalent cases of bipolar I, bipolar II, and cyclothymic disorder segmented by sex and age in these markets.
Major finding: Both prevalent and incident atrial fibrillation were associated with accelerated loss of gray matter and total brain volume as well as key aspects of cognitive function.
Analysis shows that HCV genotype 1 is the most prevalent at 46% of all HCV cases, followed by genotype 3 at 30%; genotypes 2, 4, and 6 with a combined total of 23% and genotype 5 at less than 1%.
Baseline depression was associated with prevalent MCI (odds ratio [OR], 1.
The nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers is also the second most prevalent illicitly used drug among the U.
Previous studies have shown links between low BMD and increased risk of a new vertebral fracture and between a prevalent vertebral fracture and increased risk of a new vertebral fracture after an average of nearly 4 years.
The researchers conducted a case-control analysis of the CaMos data in which women with self-reported incident low-trauma fractures--excluding fractures of the head, hands, feet, or vertebrae--were matched with up to three controls with respect to time in study, age, prevalent osteoporosis, prevalent vertebral deformity, prior clinical low-trauma fracture, and availability of baseline BMD.
Results: From the lowest to the highest sex-, age-, and energy-adjusted quartile of dairy consumption, there was an inverse association between dairy intake and prevalent HTN.
It is one of the most prevalent STIs, estimated to infect between 15% and 25% of male and female adults in developed countries.