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Although infertility is more prevalent in recent times, the use of advanced assisted reproductive technologies in modern medicine greatly increase the chances of solving infertility problems.
The letter adds: "The risks do seem to be more prevalent than previously known with increased risk-taking behaviour among a greater proportion of young people and at earlier ages." Comment, Page 26
Vice-Chair at UN CEDAW Committee Bandana Rana, who is the main campaigner of this drive, said such practice was prevalent not only in Nepal, but it was a global trend that women were sparsely represented or only men speakers were on the panel in conferences.
In particular, topiramate prescriptions were found in incident cases receiving first-line monotherapy (15%), prevalent cases receiving first-line monotherapy (13%), and prevalent cases receiving polytherapy (29%).
Presents of bows and arrows,guns and holsters,and knives,particularly sheath knives (Boy Scouts) were prevalent and enjoyed with usual playful escapism.The idea that in real life they would cause actual harm never entered the agenda of users - it was fun.
Anti-social behaviour was the most prevalent crime (337), followed by violence and sexual offences (327).
The researchers found that cognitive disability was the most prevalent type among young adults (10.6 percent), while mobility disability was most prevalent among middle-aged and older adults (18.1 and 26.9 percent, respectively).
Why is the weed still prevalent?It is a weed which is very special in that it sprouts when farmers have done their weeding.
California [United States], July 12 ( ANI ): Ads on Twitter are set to become more prevalent than before as the company is testing ads in its Explore tab.
The most prevalent non-neutral stance among the Malay dailies were anti-Opposition (37 per cent for BH, and 37.3 per cent for Utusan).
The assist in that have prevalent Saddleworth "The marshals will be at both the entrance to the site and also at the gate which leads to the boating club.
They urged their audience to shun favouritism, nepotism and corruption which was prevalent in the society.