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In the northern sector, the aquifer is underlain by the Campanian Ignimbrite tuffs and oldest tuffs, and consequently it is prevalently confined.
Maxillofacial fractures were prevalently represented by mandibular fractures (53%) in this study.
Active in 30 countries with around 57,000 employees, it has around 4,200 points of sale in around 1,000 locations and operates prevalently under concession agreements in airports, on motorways and in railway stations, as well as in select shopping centres, trade fairs and museums.
A commonly shared investment goal of rational investors is to maximize their portfolios' efficiency AKA risk-adjusted returns, prevalently measured by the Sharpe Ratio.
However, as the author shrewdly observes, while both Christian and non-Christian characters travel to the other's locales and fall in love with members of the other population, it is prevalently non-Christians who convert and who remain permanently in the other's locale (46-64).
Most prevalently, grocery store shoppers use social media to get recipes (59%), compare prices between food brands (54%), or access a supermarket website to check prices/find products/sales flyer, the reports says.
"Nationally we are seeing the growth of liver disease from three main culprits - viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease related to obesity and most prevalently, alcohol."
He is well known for his contributions to spherical trigonometry , a wing of spherical geometry whose calculations are used most prevalently in astronomy, geodesy and navigation.
Most prevalently, one can easily pick up Turkish vocabulary within Kurmanji and Persian influence in Sorani.
Recurrent motifs include buttocks, hands and, most prevalently, lips, echoed in the adjacent painting.
Flies are one the most prevalently used organisms in genetic and biological studies.
Communication and aesthetic interpretation prevalently manage neutralities but contradictions.