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43) Compare a well prepared monograph on information operations, which is prevalently perceived from a military perspective WALTZ, Edward.
Simone Felice, a poet, writer and most prevalently a musician, has won many admirers as a solo artist, building on a successful turn in the Felice Brothers, alongside his siblings Ian and James.
Since dogs feature so prevalently in Arctic Storm, it's important to note that readers with a prior affection for canines will find the sled dog insights compelling; not to mention that the saga is set in 1908, an unusual feature for a crossover novel of fantasy.
The research revealed that the most prevalently used leadership style in the Arizona mining industry was active management-by-exception.
First of all it is necessary to establish if we should prevalently deal with private customers (retail) or with the business counterparts (corporate), rather than with the public subject (Public Administration), whose relationship with the average E.
The law passed in the 2014 session acknowledges both hardcopy and electronic records and recognizes that the latter is becoming the format more prevalently used by hospitals, doctors' offices, and healthcare providers.
Whether these smaller diameter fistulas always existed but are more prevalently recorded because of our bedside ultrasound diagnostic ability, it does not negate that they are often infiltrated and sometimes lack the muscular development in the luminal walls to sustain the downward pressure of the steel needles.
Home automation and monitoring is a strong segment as well, which probably can be seen most prevalently in the lighting space.
While other sanitizing agents like chlorine have been used prevalently throughout the food industry, more and more processors are choosing to use ozone because it effectively kills microorganisms without leaving harmful residues in treated product.
Investors looking at these countries are prevalently based in Western Europe and the UK, underscoring the domestic bias of capital flows.
Self-sacrifice and subjugation are identified as two themes that factor prevalently in the cognition schema of FSOs.