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Government must not prevaricate, patients can suffer no longer LIAM DORNAN ON THE HEALTH SERVICE CRISIS
To hesitate or to prevaricate in the face of such an issue would carry with it a great weight of responsibility," Sarkozy said.
The booze giants claim they want their customers to drink responsibly - then prevaricate over measures which would help them to do just that.
Moliere's play, written in 1622, asks a question that is no easier to answer today than it was then: when one is asked to be completely honest, is it better to be painfully and perhaps hurtfully truthful, or should one prevaricate a little to save the feelings of a friend?
Our MPs would do well to remember that most of these victims are little children, and for as long as they continue to prevaricate on this issue victims like little Kyle will continue to present themselves to specialist burns units.
Assad will choose, like Saddam Hussein before him, to stall and prevaricate in the hope that the Security Council will shrink from taking action against him.
If the North continues to prevaricate on the issue, Japan may set a specific date by which the country must give a convincing answer, the sources said.
When Linda Peterson, a 27-year veteran account executive for the Los Angeles Times, received an internal e-mail offering employees more than 50 years of age a buyout, she decided not to prevaricate.
The government can't afford to prevaricate any more.
The BBOA were on the point of joining the Fund board and advising members to pay up, but appear to have used the case as a reason to prevaricate.
Prevaricate officially means speak/act evasively but is more often used like procrast; it''s best avoided.