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TO LIE. That which is proper, is fit; as, an action on the case lies for an injury committed without force; corporeal hereditaments lie in livery, that is, they pass by livery; incorporeal hereditaments lie in grant, that is, pass by the force of the grant, and without any livery. Vide Lying in grant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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While Flower is currently fulfilling a similar role with the Zimbabwe team, he will be out of contract in August and Zimbabwe Cricket is prevaricating over a new deal, the Daily Times reports.
"There was a little rain overnight and while some areas have improved, it is raining again now and there's no point in prevaricating about it."
So let us all hope, dear reader, that there will be no excuses for any further delay, such as EU interference, or whatever - delays should not be tolerated as BT owns the network, they have the money, and all parties should just get on with it without any prevaricating. Remember the future prosperity of Wales and future generations will be dependent on first class 21st century information technology.
Scotland Office minister David Mundell claimed it was the First Minister who was prevaricating on the issue of the referendum.
General secretary Bob Crow said: "Today we are demanding that Network Rail stop prevaricating and give us a definitive timetable for the guaranteed introduction of the secondary protection system."
MP John Hemming is prevaricating for the Liberal Democrats, while Tory council leader Mike Whitby has let it be known that he could yet stand - but he's not saying so publicly.
Prevaricating, as the two leaders are doing about the strategy for the war, is the greatest problem and it stems from weakness.
The Action on Elder Abuse charity yesterday accused the Vale of Glamorgan's adult care department of "prevaricating" over whether to investigate complaints about the care of Mr Parker while his condition deteriorated.
All along, while the world's leaders have been posturing, prevaricating and finally negotiating, dozens more children and their families lie maimed or dead.
It behoves us to recall that the Great Blair, whatever one thinks of these last spinning, prevaricating years, was once an inexperienced boy wonder himself.
No more prevaricating; no more scare stories; just sensible, practical actions.