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PREVARICATION. Praevaricatio, civil law. The acting with unfaithfulness and want of probity. The term is applied principally to the act of concealing a crime. Dig. 47, 15, 6.

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The department with responsibility for controlling disease is failing in its duty and ruining farmers through endless prevarication.
The National Assembly must not be seen to allow teachers to lose jobs through prevarication and inaction.
And the government's prevarication over the euro and lukewarm attitude to the EU have also alienated our neighbours.
Plaid's constitutional agenda, however, is at the very least ambiguous, at worst dishonest, besides which it changes regularly in a desperate attempt to accommodate members who are uncomfortable with their party's prevarication.
But after all her attention-seeking and prevarication, it is hard to know what to believe about Clare Short.
The truth of the matter is that their continuing prevarication on the language issue; their duplicity on the independence/full national status issue and their confusion over the European issue has brought them to the brink of political meltdown.
The argument is so obvious, it makes the government's prevarication about getting on with the referendum impossible to fathom.
These include the obsession with letting private firms rebuild our public services, prevarication on campaigning for the euro and the gathering distance between party and government.
AFTER a year of prevarication, it looks as if GM could finally be signing a deal to take over Daewoo.
La 3eeme chambre criminelle du tribunal de premiere instance de Tunis a decide jeudi de se dessaisir au profit de l'instance competente du Pole judiciaire financier, de l'affaire de prevarication et de corruption financiere dans laquelle sont poursuivis l'ex PDG de Tunisie Telecom, Moutassar Ouaili et et Slim Zarrouk, gendre de l'ex president Ben Ali, rapporte le site Akher khaber online.
Al-Baha, Dhu-AlQa'dah 10, 1438, August 02, 2017, SPA -- A number of academics at Al-Baha University have pointed out that the procrastination by the Iranian authorities and their refusal to complete the procedures related to the investigation into the storming of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad, despite more than a year and a half after this attack, confirms Iran's practice of prevarication and non-compliance with international laws and norms in its policy and dealing with states.
Recent appearances of the Russian foreign secretary, Lavrov, and Kremlin adviser Peshkov on BBC TV to justify Russian actions were masterclasses in evasion and prevarication.