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Regarding Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Albright wrote: "[Saddam]is encouraged by his success in seducing some governments and non-governmental organisations to embrace his disingenuous arguments", adding: "He wants the world to forget what happened 10 years ago, and to ignore his prevarications in the decade since, but we must not".
The only things not there are the good will of the Reagan Administration and the interest of the sheep of the Fourth Estate, which let the White House get away with its interminable prevarications on the matter, as was nicely illustrated by the affair of the Gorbachev letter.
Mind you, after their leader''s prevarications on air, maybe the party will split anyway into those who don't mind lying and deceiving the British people, and the honest racists who say outright how they despise anybody who is not "British" (whatever that is now or has ever been).