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TransCanada and its cronies are pursuing a Gold Medal for the most prevarications around the true purpose for an oil pipeline.
The German government had last week turned down GM's request for more than pounds 900m in support, and the car giant had obviously run out of patience with the prevarications of European governments.
The right wing, whose motto is ``Live and let die,'' pulled another of their mendacious prevarications on the floor of the House.
Brainwashed, hypnotized, or just a venal little weasel with a Napoleonic complex feebly trying to take down the most compassionate Administration in the nation's history with a tapestry of falsehoods, prevarications, and perjurious distortions.
For every European who had watched the unmistakable and shocking footage of the American attack two nights earlier on the news, the prevarications of U.