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De Doctrina and Paradise Lost are scrupulous about throwing into relief the gracious prevenience of God that anticipates human endeavour even before the repentance of sin and the recognition of divine mercy.
So although the condition of prevenience is not stipulated in Baba Qama, we read it into the text as we would any self-evident condition.
(15) Newbigin identifies mission in various triadic formulae: as the proclamation, presence and prevenience of the kingdom; as faith, hope and love in action; and, as proclaiming the kingdom of the Father, sharing the life of the Son, and bearing the witness of the Spirit.
The emphasis placed on baptism continues to center on the candidates, their decision to be baptized, and their personal testimony to what God has done in their lives, and is reflected in the most popular baptismal hymn being "O Jesus, I Have Promised." This individualism has meant Baptists have continued to find difficulty in expressing the prevenience of God's grace and the corporate dimension of the rite.
Out of their separate traditions, both Methodists and Roman Catholics come together as they recognize God's gracious prevenience, and as they express belief in Jesus Christ as God's Love Incarnate and the Holy Spirit as God with us.