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From a Bultmannian perspective, one could classify this position as Caputo's doctrine of prevenient grace, the realization that salvation is not only the messianic advent of a redemption "to come" but also the trace of an originary invention of a grace that has "come (venire) into (in)" existence through Jesus' metanoetic kerygma.
Hooker finds corrective filters in the dispensation of prevenient and irresistible grace, in the evidentiary complexion of divine promise, and in the harvesting of "sanctified reason.
Hunter, "the Augustinian, while recognizing that Othello could not have chosen well without prevenient grace, insists that the fall to reprobation is, in some way that is mysterious to human reason, the just result of wrong free choice.
As the tuning fork for the novel as a whole, the epigraph makes us aware of a prevenient forgiveness, a sympathy or pardon already present before the beginning of the story: the novel may indeed speak of those who "swerved / Or fell," or of "lapse, or error," but it also anticipates in this suspicion of guilt the possibility of "something more.
Milton's explanation is the doctrine of prevenient grace, and there are a few points worth noting in the particulars.
But readers should understand that vernacular nuances often crucial in myth narratives are not revealed in these texts, and that one has to be on the lookout for bricolage if these stories are being told in a lingua franca to people outside the prevenient 'vernacular cultures'.
The rather contorted suggestion is perhaps that God's prevenient grace will ensure that the speaker is not, in the future, "cast down" by his troubles, as he was in his "dayes of youth.
We need not travel to foreign lands for signs of God's prevenient charity for us sinners.
Whereas Lutherans see an expression of the prevenient grace of God which precedes all human action and of the gift of both temporal and eternal life in the baptism of the immature infant which is to be confirmed personally at confirmation, Baptists underline the close link between faith and baptism by selecting a time following a decision of faith.
Wesley preached the impartial provision of God's grace to humanity prior to their justification, or prevenient grace.
Is it even conceivable, for example, in terms of a Girardian theological anthropology, (3) for an author truly to recognize and to renounce mimetic desire (given its blinding and enslaving force) without some sort of religious conversion, an action of grace, at least of a prevenient grace?
Likewise, the damnation of non-elect infants, a hallmark of the Second London Confession of 1677 stands, as noted in the introduction to this study, in sharp contrast with the General Baptist assertion of the innocence and ultimate salvation of those dying in infancy, protected by prevenient grace.