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Specifically, from a Wesleyan perspective, this project addressed in what ways people might think and feel similarly, or differently, regarding prevenient grace, justifying grace, and sanctifying grace.
Salvation consists of prevenient grace and justification or "the forgiveness of all our sins and, what is necessarily implied therein, our acceptance with God." (33) Faith is "immediately and directly necessary to justification." (34) Salvation also includes sanctification, which renews the justified person inwardly by the power of the Holy Spirit.
by the power of the Holy Spirit" that secures "our voluntary obedience to the Gospel...." (61) This statement reflects the interaction between enabling (prevenient) and saving (regenerative) grace in which free will cooperates with divine grace to effect conversion.
On the penultimate page of his narrative, Ames alludes to the concept of "prevenient grace," which, as he says, "precedes grace itself and allows us to accept it" (246).
Theologians talk about a prevenient grace that precedes grace itself and allows us to accept it.
And I confess that on December 81 did not knowingly and deliberately confuse everyone in the pews by reading aloud that Mary's Immaculate Conception was "on account of your prevenient grace." Three priests had told me they had to look the word up in the dictionary.
"The 'mother of God' of Roman Catholic Marian dogma is quite simply the principle, type and essence of the human creature cooperating servantlike (ministerialiter) in its own redemption on the basis of prevenient grace, and to that extent, the principle, type and essence of the church" (213).
Sarah Van Der Laan makes equally subtle observations of Milton's allusions to the Odyssey's nymph Leucothea--and of the ways those allusions serve to express the complex interaction of free will and prevenient grace in Paradise Lost.
To claim or to recognize that the ultimate nature of reality can no longer be understood in terms of matter and energy, but that a somehow prevenient domain of information underlies all empirical manifestation--whatever this may mean (17) - must not be construed as a return to Platonic metaphysics, or any other form of metaphysics.
It was as if many Indian tribes were "noble heathen," endowed with prevenient grace, a little spark of truth that gave them a yearning to seek out the fullness of God's word from preachers.
The Tuscan Jesuit sought to deny his Tibetan hosts and interlocutors the ability to assert their claims to what Desideri might define as prevenient grace, the assistance given by God to those seeking Him without their direct knowledge, but who gain--by their unwitting good will to seek the ultimate truth--the benefits of natural virtues.
Clearly, both poems focus on a repressed and depressed female character; but more significantly, they share a great deal of stylistic and linguistic correspondence, which suggests some preoccupation (whether intentional or not) on the part of Morris with the prevenient poem.