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Given the horrific contents of the CCTV footage of Mr Marshall's last conscious moments, it's easy to understand why the SPS went to such desperate measures to try to prevent publication.
"Mr Delaney will be before the Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport in the coming weeks and I along with Committee colleagues will take the opportunity to seek clarification about this " The soccer boss took the Sunday Times to the High Court, using an emergency application to prevent publication of the story.
Sir Philip, who has fiercely denied allegations of sexual harassment against him, had used a hugely expensive legal device to prevent publication of his name in the media.
Retail billionaire Philip Green, one of Britain's most prominent businessmen, was named in parliament on Thursday as having taken legal action to try to prevent publication of allegations of sexual harassment against him.
Pentagon prominence The most prominent application of the Near doctrine came 40 years later when the Nixon administration sought to prevent publication of the Pentagon Papers, revealing ineptitude, deceit, and secrecy by government officials in conducting the Vietnam War and selling it to the public.
Following the referral, the FCA applied to have Mr Hayes' reference struck out and Mr Hayes applied to prevent publication of the FCA's Decision Notice and to delay the hearing of the proceedings on the basis that he has referred his conviction to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).
But sometimes the measure aims to prevent publication of statements or disclosure of information on sensitive issues.
On the heels of the controversial newspaper report in October then information minister Pervaiz Rashid lost his job as he was officially blamed for failure to prevent publication of the sensitive report.
"Unfortunately, once the footage has been obtained, it is very difficult to prevent publication on the internet if the criminals choose to do this, particularly if overseas criminal gangs are responsible.
She is also calling for "restriction" of the media to prevent publication of "harmful" images of women which, she says, "facilitate" violence against girls.
Mazari expressed regret that Sethi has used his influence to prevent publication of the Transparency International Pakistan's letter to the President in the media.
He said the regulator would never "prevent publication in advance", adding: "All that I'm saying is that of course I want a wild, unruly press.