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Pentagon prominence The most prominent application of the Near doctrine came 40 years later when the Nixon administration sought to prevent publication of the Pentagon Papers, revealing ineptitude, deceit, and secrecy by government officials in conducting the Vietnam War and selling it to the public.
Following the referral, the FCA applied to have Mr Hayes' reference struck out and Mr Hayes applied to prevent publication of the FCA's Decision Notice and to delay the hearing of the proceedings on the basis that he has referred his conviction to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).
But sometimes the measure aims to prevent publication of statements or disclosure of information on sensitive issues.
On the heels of the controversial newspaper report in October then information minister Pervaiz Rashid lost his job as he was officially blamed for failure to prevent publication of the sensitive report.
Unfortunately, once the footage has been obtained, it is very difficult to prevent publication on the internet if the criminals choose to do this, particularly if overseas criminal gangs are responsible.
exposed Giggs an affair "The best people can really hope for is that injunctions postpone publication because, as we have already seen in previous cases, they do not prevent publication.
In evidence to a commission examining FoI, he said if the information sought was "the crown jewels", ministers could use a veto to prevent publication.
She is also calling for "restriction" of the media to prevent publication of "harmful" images of women which, she says, "facilitate" violence against girls.
The Guardian newspaper has sought for a decade to obtain the letters sent to ministers under then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, but successive governments have acted to prevent publication for fear of undermining the position of the heir to the throne.
Mazari expressed regret that Sethi has used his influence to prevent publication of the Transparency International Pakistan's letter to the President in the media.
A court order exists to prevent publication of information which could lead to the identification of young persons involved in the case.
Last October, the Commission submitted to Parliament documents on the TTIP with watermarks to prevent publication by anyone there.