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Schumock GT, Thornton JP Focusing on the preventability of adverse drug reactions.
Preventability of the suspected ADRs was assessed by using the Schmock and Thornton criterion modified by Lau et al.
Weighted criteria values assigned by panel of experts for zoonoses prioritization exercise, Bogota, Colombia, September 2009-April 2010 Weighted Criteria score Preventability 9.
The preventability or otherwise of the death was assessed by the committees and subcategory G was added for those deaths in which anaesthesia factors were implicated, but for which no correctable factor could be identified.
The herbal chemical materials such as phenol compositions, dueto their useful properties, like antiradical property, preventability ability from oxidation of LDL and the hardness of other sclerosis,, have the anti-cancer property, anti-oxidation and anti-microbe, and are useful for humans health [3,4].
Preventability of invasive pneumococcal disease and assessment of current polysaccharide vaccine recommendations for adults: United States, 2001-2003.
We actually have an enormous amount of data about the causes and preventability of cancer," Graham A.
For example, Schaapveld, van de Water, and Bergsma (1992) argued that to determine efficiency it is necessary to collect facts about a number of aspects of the health problems to be prevented: size of the health problem, degree of preventability, monetary and other costs involved, and the probability that the prevention program will cause changes in the overall pattern of morbidity and/or mortality in the target population.
At the time of this report, the MIMR committee had reviewed medical records, autopsy reports, police reports, and other records for >99% of Alaskan postneonatal deaths that occurred during 1992-2007 and issued findings regarding causes and contributing factors to the deaths and preventability recommendations.
Etiological explanation, treat-ability and preventability of childhood autism: a survey of Nigerian healthcare workers' opinion.
HAIs have received increasing attention over the years because of escalating health care costs and in recognition of their preventability.
Incidence and preventability of adverse drug events among older persons in the ambulatory setting.