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The preventability or otherwise of the death was assessed by the committees and subcategory G was added for those deaths in which anaesthesia factors were implicated, but for which no correctable factor could be identified.
Preventability of invasive pneumococcal disease and assessment of current polysaccharide vaccine recommendations for adults: United States, 2001-2003.
We actually have an enormous amount of data about the causes and preventability of cancer," Graham A.
Etiological explanation, treat-ability and preventability of childhood autism: a survey of Nigerian healthcare workers' opinion.
HAIs have received increasing attention over the years because of escalating health care costs and in recognition of their preventability.
Incidence and preventability of adverse drug events among older persons in the ambulatory setting.
Cases are reviewed, factor determinations made, preventability established, surgical grading defined, corrective actions developed, and loop closure, if indicated at the time.
8 million has been calculated by using the findings of the Preventability Estimates that about 25% of all cancer could be prevented in high-income countries and 20% in medium and low-income countries.
However the preventability of death is by no means certain.
Dubai The preventability of the prevalent diseases plaguing the UAE's population illustrates the general public's ignorance of basic medical matters crucial to healthy living said some of the country's future doctors last week.
Articles that discussed the causes or preventability of the child health problems that I selected as case studies for the interviewing component of the research.
Belief in controllability and preventability often promote positive attitudes towards a condition and patients diagnosed with it (Meyerowitz, Williams, & Gessner, 1984; Smith, Sullivan, Bauman, Powell-Davies, & Mitchell, 1999).

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