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Without an indication of preventability, the listing of crashes on the FMCSA's Safety Management System public website "can give an inaccurate impression about the risk posed by a company," they argued to the FMCSA.
pADRs can be assessed using P-Method; a validated tool that relies on explicit criteria for assessing preventability. (22) This standardized tool aims to identify preventable risk factors (from 20 explicit criteria) that increase the probability of ADR occurrence in relation to three factors: healthcare professionals' practices, patient behavior, and drug quality.
(64) It shows how a discursive connection is attained between good governance and counter-terrorism through linguistic tools of predication, the uses of the topos of preventability and overlexicalisation that help in rendering a preventive approach as "normal" and "natural".
The Crash Preventability Demonstration Program allows the agency to gather data to examine the feasibility, costs, and benefits of making preventability determinations on certain crash types.
Bacteria were categorized based on factors including their burden on health care and communities, transmissibility and preventability in hospital and community settings.
Preventability of pregnancy-related deaths: results of a state-wide review.
Often, we have evidence that something should be done (e.g., needs of assessment, measures of prevalence, and preventability of risks and conditions) but, in most cases, we lack evidence regarding what should be done (e.g., the effectiveness of health intervention) or how to do it (e.g., evaluation of the health process) [7].
In spite of high magnitude and their preventability, these are not being addressed in an organized and problem solving way.
In an attempt to address the issue of AVFs associated with maternal morbidity and mortality, models for assessing preventability have been reported.
Sepsis has been declared a medical emergency by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a report Tuesday that showed the preventability of the condition in over 70 percent of the cases through early action.
The Modified Schumock and Thornton's criteria (16) were used to establish ADRs preventability, in which an ADR was considered preventable when one or more of the questions defined in this tool, were affirmatively answered.