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The operating instructions of the LR 11350 and the associated "Wind Speed Charts" show that the crawler crane could not withstand such a high wind load and that the boom should have been lowered to the ground preventatively to avoid the tilting of the crawler crane.
78 (1909), as upholding a governor's authority to preventatively detain citizens in order to put down an insurrection "so long as the governor had the authority under the state constitution to put down the insurrection and his actions were consistent with that authority').
Instead the policy statement released by the NHS this week addressed whether Abi could be given the drug preventatively - something she has never requested and which, according to Dr Finlay, would never have been approved.
It's imperative that we act preventatively, rather than waiting for more evidence of harm," said Ahdoot, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Environmental Health.
Although most of the laws passed nationally are also intended to act preventatively, the most powerful are generally sanction and punishment measures.
The Kargil Conflict of 1999, precipitated by the Pakistani military crossing the Line of Control (157) and involving several months of warfare between Pakistan and India before the restoration of the Line of Control, prompted investigation as to how the Indian intelligence community could use surveillance technology to act preventatively against potential military and/or terrorism threats.
Since the vaccine works by triggering an immune response, the method could even be used preventatively by building the body's immune resistance prior to infection.
However, the procedures with greatest empirical support are typically provided to students only after a problem has been diagnosed rather than used preventatively (Davis et al.
The former president was not present at the court and is currently being preventatively detained and is facing three other trials.
Yet statistics of insurance companies show there are fewer accidents and reports of fire and theft when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday, as if people (including criminals) are being preventatively more careful - or perhaps taking a day off sick.
The history of the use of homoeopathic medicines in epidemics, both curatively and preventatively, dates back to the founder of homoeopathy, Samuel Hahnneman, when in 1801 he published an article titled 'The Prevention and Cure of Scarlet Fever': (2)
our country is not under attack, we are in danger of losing the moorings of our liberty if we extend the power to detain preventatively, because if that extension is deemed by the courts to be constitutional, then there will be no principle upon which to fight against the use of preventative detention in the criminal law.