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cucumeris, both preventatively and curatively, do not appear to play a significant role in regulating flower thrips populations in the blueberry system in Florida.
To act preventatively, the cause of child abuse, of what is not right or lacking in childcare, needs first to be understood
We're the most enabled company to combine chemistry, biology and technology," Burke said, explaining that all of the organization's acquisitions in the past few years have played into its strategy of identifying problems early on so healthcare can be approached preventatively rather than targeting disease after symptoms have manifested.
The BlackBerry, an essential tool for my work, has become crucial for dealing preventatively with short-term memory loss.
1, 1 (1985) ("The use of predictions of dangerousness requires a political judgment balancing the risk and harm to society with the intrusion on the liberty of each member of a preventatively detained group.
In a sequence of events likely to begin with a precedent setting lawsuit brought against the creator of a product found to have exploitable flaws, vendors will find themselves obligated to perform comprehensive testing on their source code to preventatively protect their users against common vulnerabilities such as buffer overruns and privilege escalations.
in striking Iran preventatively under this standard: until Iran actually
Second, invest in education that will help Africans better understand how HIV spreads and how to act preventatively.
Contacts between infected and susceptible persons can be eliminated during an outbreak through measures such as quarantine, closing public venues, and ring vaccination, or they can be eliminated preventatively through general vaccination strategies.
com/club), provides an opportunity for high school teams to preventatively brace their athletes using the same caliber equipment available to the professional and collegiate ranks.
All three companies maintain that antibiotics are no longer administered preventatively.