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Use Heartworm Preventatives All Year - Although veterinarians have suggested in the past to only administer the preventative medicine to your cat or dog in the warmer months when mosquitoes are present, the American Heartworm Society now recommends that preventative care be administered all year long.
While many people treat their pets with monthly preventative prescriptions, few understand how preventative heartworm treatments actually work.
Allowing natural health products to be advertised as preventatives for serious diseases such as cancer may also lead consumers to believe that the products are conventional medical treatments or leave the impression that the manufacturers are mainstream health professionals.
The new regulations partially lift this ban by allowing preventative claims for natural health products and many over-the-counter drugs.
The competition in the preventative hair loss market is about to get a little "hairy" .
Clinically Supported Science PreTreat Complete is a migraine prevention option that contains only vitamins and minerals and is completely safe for use by adults, even when used with other pain medications or prescription preventatives.