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If one assumes vaccine efficacy of 95%, an attack rate in susceptible contacts of 5%, and 4 contacts per patient, 1 secondary case is prevented for every 18 cases detected; if attack rates are 30%, then 1 secondary case is prevented for <5 index cases detected.
Treating her very early prevented the woman from having respiratory arrest," Kinsella says.
Sometimes, however, it needs to be removed or prevented. When placing a block-out resin to create reservoirs in custom-fit whitening trays, wiping off the OIL is recommended.
In mice, the test drug not only prevented gallstones but also kept bile thin.
This can be prevented by treating the mother's HIV if she needs antiretroviral treatment, which of course should be done anyway--or by using a much more difficult regimen of AZT to prevent transmission--or by adding other drugs (usually AZT plus 3TC) to suppress the virus while the nevirapine is slowly eliminated from the body.
Based on heat transfer simulations and experimental observations, it was assumed that aluminum coating radiated the significant amount of heat from the core surface, delayed the burning of the resin binders due to the less contact with air and created a "shell" around the sand core, which prevented the fall of decomposed sand at high temperatures.
Chief Inspector Dave Griffith,of Dorset Police, said: ``The young man, who is from the Bournemouth area, was prevented from boarding the flight yesterday by officers working as part of a national operation.
Much has been learned through the efforts of pioneers in many disciplines, and millions of cases of OHL have been prevented, especially since the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and its hearing conservation amendment in the United States in 1983.
Only reports of his fragile condition prevented me from contacting him.
Contamination problems will affect dryer fabric performance and ultimately paper machine performance if not prevented or treated.
Some skin problems can be prevented, however, by adhering to a few commonsense principles.
Supporters of the technology say that it might have prevented the attacks.