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T-E-A-M-work from everyone involved with football is needed to focus on preventing serious neck injuries.
Study participants, the researchers acknowledge, were interested in preventing transmission of genital herpes and may not be representative of other populations.
The Educator's Guide To Preventing And Solving Discipline Problems
The primary means of preventing EAH is to avoid excess fluid retention, as manifested by weight gain, during or after exercise.
When it comes to preventing heart disease, "vitamin E has been a real bust," says epidemiologist E.R.
9 Steps for Reversing Or Preventing Cancer And Other Diseases
A key disagreement seems to be whether the reporting problems should invalidate the conclusion from that study that single-dose nevirapine is safe and effective for preventing maternal-infant transmission of HIV.
Without a fundamental understanding of thermo-kinetics and fluid dynamics of molten metal-sand core interactions, it is difficult to make decisions in preventing defects.
Although BCG is the most widely used vaccine in the world, its efficacy in preventing adult forms of TB is relatively poor, with an average efficacy [approximately equal to] 50% (3).
A SIXTEEN-year- old boy was banned from travelling to Euro 2004 yesterday after officers preventing him from boarding a flight.
Nevertheless, great progress has been made in bringing the problem to public attention and in preventing OHL in millions of workers.