prevention of waste

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It provides a leading sustainable method that allows businesses to move towards the prevention of waste altogether.
The challenge for CEW is not insignificant - despite the positive indications of the 2014 NRW Construction and Demolition Survey which highlight the industry's construction waste landfill diversion success - much greater focus has to be paid to the avoidance and prevention of waste at source.
The BAMB-project implements the principles of the waste hierarchy: the prevention of waste, its reuse and recycling.
The most important approach of the company was to increase the efficiency of the production of industrial and agricultural products through decreasing the loss and prevention of waste of financial and energy sources.
It also has a strict approach to the separation of waste, prevention of waste, heat recovery and use of FSC and PEFC-certified paper.
As an initial signatory to WRAP Cymru (Waste & Resources Action Programme), Edward organised a workshop for suppliers to help them improve their environmental credentials, specifically prevention of waste ?
Prevention of waste, preparing waste for reuse, recycling and recovery, with the option of last resort being disposal.
At the core of our mandate is the prevention of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal bureaucracy, and there is no question that improved efforts to combat deceptive practices in the financial sector are needed.
This is a broader aim than the elimination, reduction and prevention of waste.
of Mauritius) explain in their introduction, is not significantly different from regular chemistry except for the integration of such principles as the prevention of waste, the incorporation all materials into the final product, minimization of toxicity, design for energy efficiency, use of renewable feedstocks, reduction of derivatives, preference for catalytic versus stoichiometric reagents, development of methodologies for real-time analysis for the reduction of hazardous substances, and reduction of risk of chemical accidents.
The country finally is beginning to pay attention to what European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, himself a Greek, calls the waste hierarchy, where priority is given first to the prevention of waste and then to its reuse, recycling, and recovery.
STG will provide onsite support of the OIG mission, which encompasses the promotion of HUD project integrity; prevention of waste, fraud and abuse; and corrective action when waste, fraud or abuse is detected.

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