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Dombrowski predicts that preventive force will fail because the U.
31) The court then accepted the agency's effort to defend itself by demonstrating it had preventive and corrective policies in place of which she failed to take advantage.
The authors offer some support for the legal status quo, under which preventive intervention is permissible only when authorized by the UN Security Council (pp.
To effectively optimize preventive maintenance activities, you should use a route-based PM program where you can see all PM activities (basic inspections, predictive maintenance, lubrication, etc) under each equipment number.
Sealants are one of the best preventive measures we can offer our patients, and are cost-effective when placed by a dental auxiliary.
Results of chi-square analysis revealed that rates of both screening and diagnostic testing were elevated if the woman was younger than 25, nonwhite or covered by Medicaid; they were higher at gynecology clinics than at general medicine or pediatric clinics, and higher if the purpose of the visit was preventive care than otherwise.
In addition, the FSA and HRA pay or reimburse preventive care benefits, as described in Notice 2004-23.
Preventive maintenance is a way of doing work--a continual process.
Emergency repairs usually take priority over preventive maintenance.
Most beneficiaries visit a physician several times a year and get some preventive services.
This doctrine, drafted largely in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and used in justifying the recent war on Iraq, is more accurately described as preventive war, historically considered to be much more objectionable than the preemptive use of force.
a written preventive maintenance program will be developed (jointly) and implemented with an appropriate preventive maintenance philosophy;

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