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Nothing can be more dangerous for the fame of a professor of the fine arts, than to permit(if he can possibly prevent it) the character of a mannerist to be attached to him, or that he should be supposed capable of success only in a particular and limited style.
Suddenly recollecting that Trefusis had supported her gently with his hand to prevent her falling back too rudely, she rose again, and this time got upon her feet with his help.
CRITO: And yet other old men find themselves in similar misfortunes, and age does not prevent them from repining.
And yet, as nothing prevents me from marrying to-morrow if I choose, His will can be destroyed by mine?
Whether from diffidence or shame, or a touch of anger, or mere procrastination, or because (as we have seen) he had no skill in literary arts, or because (as I am sometimes tempted to suppose) there is a law in human nature that prevents young men - not otherwise beasts - from the performance of this simple act of piety - months and years had gone by, and John had never written.
My indistinct remembrance prevents my describing all the impressions it made.
Well, then, since she has left Paris, and you are sure of it, D'Artagnan, nothing prevents me, and I am ready to follow you.
Her indifferent state of health unhappily prevents her being in town; and by that means, as I told Lady Catherine one day, has deprived the British court of its brightest ornaments.
Besides, you will strike at the throat, Porthos; it kills as quickly and prevents all outcry.
It prevents his wandering; and his being easily carried off at night by lurking Indians.
Osgood that prevents any solos in her mansion, unless it be on a harp or flute, or any possibility of a tete-a- tete.
It is true you do not know him, since he is here unknown, and that prevents your thinking about the matter