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Thus Loya devotes the remainder of chapter 1, and all of chapter 2, to a consideration of verbunkos's structural principles, harmonic practices, modal and scalar designs, and historical milestones--elements which generally have not factored into any previous consideration of a phenomenon whose documentation begins the late eighteenth century.
The Committee's previous consideration, in 2005, concluded that it was premature to add Brazil Arabica as a deliverable origin, but recommended reconsidering the issue as commercial experience with Brazil Arabica accumulated.
The stated intent of the award "is to recognize people who have not received any previous consideration for their significant contributions to girls and women in sports.
Regarding to previous consideration we can used the temperature-dependent part of heat consumption in the form:
After previous consideration, the CMRA board approved the development of a concrete recycling Web page that will be found at www.
5 million payable over the period of 2 years from the date of completion, previous consideration is $30.
Fifty-eight percent of shoppers who have already changed the type of vehicle they are planning to purchase say they would not revert back to their previous consideration even if gas prices dropped $1.
In the light of the previous considerations mentioned above, the UPU believes that a clear opportunity exists to add a secure email service capability to its new .
So, the previous considerations reveal the notifiable fact that is useless (even forbidden) to design experiments or actions that rely solely on a single deterministic sampling of a random variable (such is the decay lifetime).
By making readers familiar with the "vocabulary of racial ambiguity" of the time and providing many visual and textual images of the mulatta (both from the Harlem Renaissance and in the periods surrounding it), Sherrard-Johnson does an excellent job of expanding the scope of previous considerations of the mulatta as a trope, as well as reinforcing the necessity of seeing the icon in all of its complexity (3).
Seemingly unlike works were installed in proximity, with the apparent intention of bringing out specific kinds of content--personal, psychological, and iconographic--that had been latent in previous considerations of Richter's painting.