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Lack of quorum in previous deliberation among Chief Justice Francis S.
"The Charitable Trust has been caught up in the global phenomenon which could not have easily been avoided - except perhaps by taking an extreme risk -which this trust, in its previous deliberation on investment policies has ruled out.
No previous deliberation about Kempton as an all-weather site reached the local planning stage.
Previous deliberations have been attended by incumbent Justices Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Noel Tijam and Francis Jardeleza, as well as retired Justice Arturo Brion.
He said that the forum also reviewed its previous deliberations on the railway for the South East, gas to industrial zones and other issues such as the recently held South East Economic Summit.
In his previous deliberations, Castro had to weigh leaving behind his climbing rank within the U.S.
However the specter of failure in previous deliberations has impacted progress.
The intent of the group's previous deliberations has been to develop "actionable items and recommendations that influence the national debate," said Symposium Chairman David Gilmore, CPP, in his opening remarks.
In a change from previous deliberations, the board recently agreed to pursue an approach under which performance obligations would be measured by allocation of the customer consideration rather than fair value.
During previous deliberations, Tanaka gave a number of evasive replies to questions put to her.
The integration of interstitial spaces, split benches, and interactive areas within a lab, for example, are design points brought out in previous deliberations.