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can now run at up to 1000 rpm, twice the speed of the previous design.
According to the mid-market hotel brand, the new design features an "easy-to-use booking bar", and all Flash elements of the previous design have been removed.
8m Q1 2015, reflecting sales coming from new design wins, higher sales from previous design wins and higher service revenues.
Marcos Baghdatis has a close look at a previous design
With lower component count because of the microcontroller, the cost to manufacture is said to be lower compared to previous design methodologies for cost-conscious design requirements or for smaller quantity product runs.
The pictures with the article were of a previous design and are not the design currently being worked on by developer Carillion.
Compared with the previous design, the oil pumps for the Dieselmax 672 are increased in length to meet the increased flow requirement.
The latest tattoo, which earned her flak from fans, covers up a previous design of a butterfly.
We have kept the familiar elements of our previous design such as the blue and orange colour and use of an oval in the design, but the logo has been modernised.
DL300 from Doosan has been relaunched as a 271 hp iT4 wheel loader--up from 217 hp in its previous design.
The underpass' previous design was prepared considering a rainfall of 33mm/hour but the new designs have anticipated rains up to 110mm/hour in the light of rain forecasts for the next 100 years.
In addition, noise levels have been reduced by 10% as compared to the previous design.