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This setting was previously called tag suggestions because Facebook only used face recognition technology to automatically suggest tags of your friends in photos.
Yesterday at Aberdeen Sheriff Court defence agent Tony Burgess said the social work report previously called for had only just been made available and asked for more time to go through it with his client.
Duterte had previously called Boracay a 'cesspool,' prompting him to order its closure from April 26 until late October last year to give way for its rehabilitation.
The sheriff gave McLaughlin another chance to comply and continued matters until today, June 12, for"the reports previously called for".
Mr Mason has previously called for Labour chair Ian Lavery, the MP for Wansbeck - and a former miner - to be fired from his post.
Mr Williamson was sacked on Wednesday over his alleged involvement in the leak of information about Chinese tech giant Huawei, and has previously called for a criminal investigation into the matter, which he believed would "absolutely exonerate" him.
TANK -- The first police station in the merged semi trial belt Jandola (Previously called FR Tank) has been established as District Police Officer Mohammad Arif formally inaugurated the police station by cutting the ribbon at a gracious ceremony on Monday.
Also shown in the video is what the Curiosity mission team previously called the "clay-bearing unit," now named Glen Torridon. 
Previously called the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, it will see about 100 teams building prototypes to address financial challenges including financial inclusion, digital identity, cargo insurance, and energy transition.
The party had previously called for DUP leader Arlene Foster to step aside as First Minister over the botched green energy scheme - RHI.
The Vital Spark, previously called Eilean Eisdeal, is used for tourist trips on Loch Fyne, where it is berthed on its own pier.
The center, previously called the Treatment for Life Center, is now known as the STAR Health Center--Brookdale and will service as a primary care clinic run by SUNY Downstate and Brookdale Hospital Medical Center.