previously referred to

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Khan has previously referred to Watto, a mother of five, as his 'spiritual adviser' and someone whose guidance he valued.
N-Power" had previously referred to Network Data Systems hosted voice solution and is now elevated to represent the full suite of Cloud and Hosted Solutions offered by NDS.
According to a report by Android Central, the BlackBerry Motion, previously referred to as 'Krypton,' sports a 16:9 5.
NexSys PCS and NexLynk DMS were previously referred to as PCS 300 and NexGen DMS.
His case was previously referred to the Court of Appeal by the CCRC, but in 2000 three leading judges ruled that his conviction was safe.
The scientist - who previously referred to Trump as a "demagogue" - fears he "may not be welcome" in the US.
The Michigan native has previously referred to himself as "more Libertarian," but he has since supported a handful of major Republican candidates, according to (http://www.
Now, however, it is a factor of little importance save in flood time, as it has cut its channel almost, if not quite, to the river's lowest level, and tends to drain the lake basins, previously referred to, almost as quickly as it fills them.
When it was first acquired, the Columbus Basin Project was previously referred to as the Nina Project.
Touching on the rubbish crisis, the Minister pointed to non-stop attempts to hinder the trash plan that had been previously referred to the Council of Ministers.
Only the first four games on this list, Need for Speed No Limits, Hit, Vainglory, and Olympus Rising, will be able to take advantage of Vulkan, which was previously referred to as the "next generation OpenGL initiative.
If plans go ahead the existing Whitley site is expected to become occupied by research and development staff with back office staff moved to the new location south of the A45 previously referred to as Coventry Gateway North.