previously specified

See: aforesaid
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Shares were priced at $45, toward the low end of the $44-$50 range the company had previously specified; the stock opened at just $42 and slipped as low as $41.06.
This directive amends building standards for concrete pavements that previously specified OPC.
Automation tools are used to identify and deploy a series of intricate actions that are prompted by a manual action or by trigger events previously specified in the development of the automation sequence.
Anas Al Dheeb, a 24-year-old photographer, added, "We have previously specified the locations for the photography with the Ministry of Tourism.
To determine whether the kits used in this study (DEC, TN-C, TAS, and TOS) can measure the values of interest in both aqueous humor and blood with the same sensitivity, the kits were tested with Aydin's previously specified assay validation experiment [52].
In Macdonald's study, the patron increases its leverage over the client by bargaining for specific reforms and providing support contingent upon implementation of the previously specified actions by the client government.
He explained that obtaining the e-visa and filling the online application on the website does not take time and that it is available for the 46 countries that were previously specified, while the rest of the countries will proceed using the old system until further expansion of the e-visa project.
The financial value of the deal reached LE 6 million ($ 330,000) instead of LE 8 million ($ 450,000) as previously specified. Al Maqassa officials said the new deal also involves the transfer of a player from Ahly, in addition to the monetary cost.
A timeshifted interview is a video recorded by candidates responding to questions previously specified by recruiters that can be shared among them.
The contractor must notify the Sheriffs Office of a later date should the actual installation date exceed that which was previously specified. The Sheriffs Office must authorize the late delivery, cancel the order, or modify the order to reflect an acceptable time.
The user-centered Early Warning and Vulnerability Alert System (EWVAS), will send your GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps, by SMS or email, to a previously specified contact list.
An engineering plan by Crafton Tull & Associates of Little Rock previously specified an apartment complex with more than 300 units.