previously specified

See: aforesaid
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2 Adjust the transfer switch and generator controls to previously specified p
I have previously specified a headboard that incorporates a simple glass shelf either side of the bed.
The SECP had previously specified that every public listed and public unlisted company shall maintain a functional website with effect from August 30, 2014.
A former city hall employee erroneously charged the city's credit card instead of her own and stayed in the hotel room during the previously specified time.
SRAC has previously specified March 10th as deadline for the government to respond to its demands.
The Cabinet has approved an 'open age' policy to all its 8,300 flats, many of which were previously specified for the elderly.
Labourers were the most affected since many of them did not carry more money than previously specified.
It was previously specified that town officials did not want to spend more than $47,500 on the system.
Ms Jones will tell her audience that at its own recent conference, Plaid delegates decided to aim clearly for an independent Wales, adding: "It may seem strange to you that we had not previously specified that aspiration in our constitution previously - it seemed a bit strange to me also.
Organisers of the 2012 Olympics have previously specified catering should be British wherever possible and are also planning a food charter stipulating caterers use local, seasonal, healthy and sustainable food.
Butwhena repeat visitwasmadeon January 26, Bar Centro was given a rescore of four out of five after "cleaning had improved and the repair works previously specified had been addressed".
Autobid will then automatically place bids on the user's behalf up to the amount previously specified without the auctioneer seeing the top bid as in a standard commission bid.