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The authors of the paper had elaborate and presented the model of previsional reliability of ASG starting from the functions of this machine, in generator groups of electric energy [EG].
The obtained results are applied to modellation and evaluation of previsional reliability of the systems with ASG in their structure: hydroelectric plants, small scale aero generator.
For ASG from EG structure the previsional reliability analyze may be done in three ways:
2005; Billinton & Allan, 1987; Felea, 1996; Patrick & O'Connor, 1991), isn't treated the modelling of previsional reliability of SHPP only the modelling of electric power plants, with global indices.
Taking into account the constructive and functional particularities of SHPP, in comparison with classical power plants (Billinton & Allan, 1987; Meianu, 2008), a particularly useful it has its previsional reliability modelling, starting from the states through which may be evolve the graphs of states and transitions representing.
The obtained results will be applied in previsional reliability analyze of SHPP being in exploitation, in phase of design and after adapting it for small scale power plants with intermittent operation with other power agents (wind, sun).
In the fourth quarter of 1997, the Bank recognized Ch$550 million one-time income from the sale of Instituto de Normalizacion Previsional payment centers.
In the fourth quarter the Bank will close 37 payment centers which previously provided cash management services to the Instituto de Normalizacion Previsional (an agency of the Ministry of Labor providing monthly pension payments to people affiliated to the public pension system).