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As part of its service, SSDS will re-engineer business processes, define the overall software architecture, and select and modify commercial off-the-shelf software to meet Prevue Networks' specific business and integration requirements.
Our selection of SSDS for this project was based on their expertise in providing complete systems integration solutions to companies that need to improve their inter-enterprise business information exchange," said Ray Shepard, Prevue Networks controller.
Lafferty said that Prevue would be on in each of those markets.
CONTACT: Joe Batson or Bill Sullivan at Prevue exhibit booth #1153 (at the Western Show 11/30-12/2); (after 12/5) Joe Batson or Bill Sullivan at 800-447-7388 or 918-488-4450, or Gretchen Roede at 215-732-4100/
Since each of Prevue's program promotional services are video-intensive, moving to digital delivery now means we can provide significant local customization benefits to our customers while also bringing Prevue additional operational benefits.
The server network will meet the growing operational needs of the company's core services, the Prevue Channel and Sneak Prevue, which combine to reach more than 50 million cable households nationwide.
Joe Batson, president of Prevue Networks added, "We've been in interactivity since 1989 and now we're adding interactive capabilities to our existing products.
The interface and information for Prevue will be structured for easy access and use by all TV viewers on the FSN, regardless of their technological sophistication," added Michael Hanafee, chief operating officer of Prevue Interactive Services.
Prevue Networks and TelVue Corporation will conduct a field trial this summer in conjunction with a Comcast cable system in Northern New Jersey and plan to roll out the service to all Prevue Online - TelVue affiliates in the fall.
Regouby noted that Prevue Online allows local cable systems to sponsor the listings, enabling operators to brand the listings pages with their logo, as well as provide a link to the operator's own web site.
Reliable, high-capacity storage is a central component to bringing our state-of-the-art digital video systems to the market," said Robert McCoy, vice president of the Prevue Networks Systems Development Group.
products as well as interactive services Prevue Express, plus a host of