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The report says: "Whilst there was no doubting that the introduction of tariffs had encouraged racecourses to increase their contributions towards prize-money and had also helped to put a focus on racecourses' responsibility to prize-money in a way that had not been achieved before, they had been a blunt instrument and undoubtedly had also led to some significant downgrading of the programme, as had been prewarned by the racing department." It adds: "The committee felt the system at the moment seemed to be advantaging bad horses at the expense of good ones.
Those who were not prewarned had somewhat more anxious recollections of the same experience.
He pointed a finger at the Agriculture Ministry, saying, "It should have known the rate of the drought before we were caused such losses and it should have prewarned us."
Because it was used, he warned (prewarned?) in a flyleaf note that the book was "pre-read."
A case in point is the aforementioned prewarned destruction of selected Serbian buildings during the Kosovo war where carpet bombing became a thing of the past.
Why weren't firefighters prewarned of the damage it could cause in a critical installation?
Clark made ten substitutions, as he prewarned, at half-time.
Reports in Italy yesterday claimed that the decision would be left with Inter boss Walter Mazzarri, but that the Milan giants have prewarned Sunderland to look elsewhere.
"The hospital had been prewarned of the woman's serious condition on arrival.