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He had eaten heartily again--this time from the flesh of Bara, the deer, who had fallen prey to his quick noose.
Every sense was on the alert as with crafty stealth he moved quickly through the trees, up-wind, in the direction of his prey.
With the instant that Tarzan realized the native's danger his attitude toward his erstwhile prey altered completely--now he was a fellow man threatened by a common enemy.
Here he would become easy prey to the swiftly moving lion; but Numa, infuriated, preferred the woman upon his back.
The girl was a prey to the nervous reaction from the frightful ordeal through which she had so recently passed, and in her overwrought state it seemed that never again should she dare descend to the ground among the fearsome dangers which infested the broad stretch of jungle that she knew must lie between herself and the nearest village of her faithful Waziri.
Group foraging may allow larger (Brown and Alexander, 1994; Creel and Creel, 1995) or more dangerous prey to be captured or may make it easier to locate distributed prey (e.
The results showed that spider consumed all the preys with different proportions offered in multiple and single prey feeding experiments.
Bethesda's latest title Prey demo will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting April 27.
Six different prey types were collected from the field and subjected to choice and no choice feeding experiments in the laboratory.
The Japanese scops owl (Otus semitorques) and Ural owl (Strix uralensis), found in the forests of northeastern China, differ in body size and foraging tactics, and are thus expected to prey on different rodent species.
Other prey were identified with the aid of a reference collection maintained by the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.
According to the Optimal Foraging Theory (OFT), animals search, capture, and consume prey containing the maximum nutritional value, spending the least energy as possible during this process (MacArthur & Pianka, 1966; Pyke, 1984).