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This was from fear of the preying animals that made life a burden to us in those days and nights.
Moose were scarce, the rabbits almost disappeared, hunting and preying animals perished.
I can give you instructions for preserving her general health; and I can recommend you to try some change in her life--provided you first relieve her mind of any secret anxieties that may possibly be preying on it.
Preying continually upon the herbivora were the meat-eaters, large and small--wolves, hyaenadons, panthers, lions, tigers, and bear as well as several large and ferocious species of reptilian life.
Fanny reconnoitered, and returning, listened breathlessly, while Polly poured into her ear the bitter secret which was preying on her soul.
Benjamin had touched on a trouble which was still secretly preying on my mind.
It's been preying on my mind ever since Diana told me.
Delamayn gave it up in despair, and turned to Lady Lundie, with a strong suspicion that some unpleasant subject of reflection was preying privately on the bride's mind.