price charged

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'For 1,000 litres, they would have charged RM4,800 when their cost is still only RM0.85,' he said, adding even taking into account their overheads and energy, the price charged is still exorbitant.
The price charged for the delivery of 15 000 EUR excluding VAT.
Board member Michael Martin says the "extortionate" price is appalling and the NUST wants to see Newcastle and Liverpool agree a reciprocal deal of PS20 for visiting fans, which would extend to the price charged for visiting Reds next season.
I'LL stand correcting, but I believe that the only difference in battery-produced eggs and socalled free range is the price charged.
Pirated English editions are selling at around 30 yuan each, compared to the 200-yuan-plus price charged by online stores.
In addition, it will also be possible to just buy analogue cable from Tele 2 at 15.00 a month, which is about 10% cheaper than the regular price charged by UPC and Ziggo, which charge between 16 and 17 a month for their basic analogue tier.
It says up to 86 per cent of the price charged for a bottle of wine can be profit.
"Now, we can guarantee that the price displayed will be the same price charged at the checkstand.
A complaint was made that the price charged for a pint was 10c higher what was on their price list, which was A4.50.
Tele2 said that this enables the company to offer the telephony subscription at 42% below the price charged by Danish telecomms operator TDC A/S.
Plans to restrict the price charged by BT, a telecomms company, to broadband competitors have been revealed by Ofcom, the telecomms regulator.
* Comparable uncontrolled price method: Compares the price for properly or services transferred in u controlled transaction to the price charged for property or services transferred in a comparable uncontrolled transaction in comparable circumstances.