price increase

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Huber Corporation, announced a price increase for its industrial calcium carbonate products.
44% of the respondents believe that the price increase is due to the political and economic situation in Egypt, while 10% believe it is a normal increase.
We are likely to see improving loss ratios in the near future if this level of price increases and loss trends continue," says Thomas Hettinger, property and casualty sales and practice leader for the Americas at Towers Watson.
The head of the association said they intend on cooperating with the ministry on all aspects leading to public good but claimed "no arbitrary price increases happened.
Central Ink Corporation announced price increases of 10% to 12% on all product lines.
For this reason, further price increases will become necessary in the following categories: hotmelts, polyurethane, water based adhesives and surface treatment products.
The Head of DKEVR, Angel Semerdzhiev, announced there is a possibility that the Minister of Economy and Energy, Traicho Triakov, can order a price lower than the one set by the Commission which will keep prices of heating and hot water at the current level or will lead to a very small price increase.
If there was ever a time to blame commodity costs for a necessary price increase, it was last year.
The company said that price increase needs are greatest in coated fine papers.
Even though no additional benefit is being provided in exchange for the price increase, a private owner can agree to it if he believes that it is in his best interest to do so.