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The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan has approved a price limit for the wholesale traded gas for domestic market, the order was published in the official media on January 15.
In Aden, the price limit for a kilo of bread was set at YR190 ($0.
This change to daily price limits is necessary to ensure continued price discovery and risk transfer for CME Group customers.
The main contribution of this paper is that it also benefits greatly from a natural experiment in an emerging equity market since it compares two sub-periods: one with price limits versus another without.
Taipei, March 16, 2010 (CENS) -- In order to match international practice, Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) has proposed to expand the daily stock price limit, for both rise and fall, to 10%, up from 7% now, which will be coupled with a number of corresponding measures, designed to mitigate possible side effects.
Ofwat announced a four per cent fall in its price limits for water and sewerage for the period from next year until 2010.
Severn Trent said it had begun to put the matter right by raising prices pounds 7m less than allowed under 2006-07 price limits.
But in its draft price limits for the same period, Ofwat said the water company's proposed average increase should be pounds 35, which it said would take the average bill up to pounds 257 by 2009/10.
The draft price limits announced today will now go to consultation.
In 2000, the price limits placed by OFWAT resulted in a price cut of 12% nationally, with Northumbria Water's prices being reduced by more than a fifth.
The water watchdog Ofwat today published draft price limits for Yorkshire Water for the five years from April 1 next year.
This study provides additional empirical evidence on effects of price limits on stock price volatility in emerging markets using data from the Johannesburg, South Africa (JSE), stock exchange.