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These firms are on average, larger, more active, and more liquid than those that have price limits imposed on them.
This is half the average increase in price limits sought by the water companies in plans submitted to OFWAT in April this year.
It would also be taken into account when Ofwat sets price limits for 2005 to 2010 and Severn Trent Water, along with all water companies, is part of that price review.
DEE Valley Water, which serves 260,000 customers in the Wrexham area, has been given the go-ahead to increase its price limit.
Soleil said the daily price limit at other stock exchanges in the region have been higher than the original CSX limit, with Thailand's set at 30 percent while both Vietnam and Laos have theirs set at 10 percent.
The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan has approved a price limit for the wholesale traded gas for domestic market, the order was published in the official media on January 15.
In Aden, the price limit for a kilo of bread was set at YR190 ($0.
Price limits and trading halts (circuit breakers) have been deployed by regulatory authorities as policy responses to extreme price volatility ostensibly to stabilize equity price fluctuations, especially during financial market crises (Chang and Hsieh (8)).
The main contribution of this paper is that it also benefits greatly from a natural experiment in an emerging equity market since it compares two sub-periods: one with price limits versus another without.
Taipei, March 16, 2010 (CENS) -- In order to match international practice, Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) has proposed to expand the daily stock price limit, for both rise and fall, to 10%, up from 7% now, which will be coupled with a number of corresponding measures, designed to mitigate possible side effects.
The 4 per cent reduction has been announced in the regulator's "draft determination" on price limits for water and sewerage costs.
Diane McCrea, chair of the Consumer Council for Water Wales Committee, welcomed the draft decision on water price limits by Ofwat.