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The official has called on the consumers to always check the official price list of the cooking gas cylinders to avoid being cheated by the distributors and to always report any arbitrary increase in the gas prices on customer care hotline-8007333.
The Rupee price list will be a straight conversion of prices from dollars to rupee based on the Reserve Bank of India Thursday exchange rate.
OMX has announced that the Technical Price List regarding Genium INET for Nordic derivatives has been updated with clarifications.
They have deleted the price list from their internet page, but believe the measure harms investors and institutions alike because they are now in the dark about prices and cannot compare them with those of other businesses to find out if the latter are too high or are dumping prices.
A senior official at the department said that the emirate-based bakeries, supermarkets and grocery stores have been instructed to stick to the new price list effective immediately.
All solutions are covered in the Price List which has an alphanumeric index, making it easier and faster to find product prices.
Price list searches can be e-mailed to individuals as an Excel or CSV file attachment and printed using a printer friendly feature.
An automobile dealer that uses the safe-harbor method must maintain records supporting all aspects of its inventory valuation, including a price list.
AN inspector had to visit a pub four times to make it display a drinks price list, a court heard yesterday.
Christian Isaksen was also charged with not having a price list when he appeared before magistrates in Stratford.
The MAS policy statement of October 1, 1982, which gives the GSA's objective in negotiating contracts, says, "The Government's goal when negotiating MAS contract pricing arrangements is to obtain a discount from a firm's established catalog or commercial price list which is equal to or greater than the discount given to that firm's most favored customer [MFC].