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Increased Prices On New Price Lists Shall Not Be Retroactive And Must
In a separate investigation, just half of undercover researchers who visited practices offering both NHS and private treatment saw a price list on display, while the majority did not show any private prices.
Twenty-one Sharjah Fruits and Vegetables Market retailers have been fined Dh5,000 each by the Ministry of Economy for hiking prices during the holy month of Ramadan, and for not displaying price lists.
The Rupee price list will be a straight conversion of prices from dollars to rupee based on the Reserve Bank of India Thursday exchange rate.
The anomalies in the newly issued price list has drawn severe criticism from Karachi Wholesalers and Grocers Group (KWGG) Chairman Anees Majeed, who has termed the list as non-implementable.
They have deleted the price list from their internet page, but believe the measure harms investors and institutions alike because they are now in the dark about prices and cannot compare them with those of other businesses to find out if the latter are too high or are dumping prices.
Cross-referenced, illustrated entries with price lists and expert tips cover some 700 categories from early American country furniture to "best-dressed boxes, bottles, and cans from the past.
The new Kopex International 2005 Price List covers all the company's ranges of metallic and non-metallic conduit and accessories.
UK-based distributor of computer components and peripherals VIP Computer Centre Ltd (VIP) has revealed its online price list browser application.
The rules of thumb for a funeral are to comparison shop, ask to see a price list and review it carefully.
The replacement cost of a vehicle part is either the amount at which the part was offered for purchase in a standard price list at the inventory date, or, if the vehicle part is not offered for purchase in such a list on that date, the price at which the part was last offered for purchase in a standard list.
AN inspector had to visit a pub four times to make it display a drinks price list, a court heard yesterday.