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Note: Convergence of Asking & Achieved Prices Decline in average prices has reduced to just 6% between Q1 and Q2 2009 Since Q2 2008, achieved prices have typically been around 20% lower than asking prices, but this gap has narrowed to around 7% in Q2 2009 Asking prices have fallen more sharply than achieved prices during 2009, suggesting price stabilization
The report also predicts that prices will keep falling in 2009, which may in fact aid in price stabilization of the market by 2010.
Housing is at the root of the ongoing financial crisis, which will probably not be overcome until housing prices stabilize: Helping people remain in their homes is the quickest and most compassionate way to promote home price stabilization.
Regional Office of Price Stabilization during the Korean War.
Long-term relationships produce price stabilization because suppliers can establish strategic relationships with their own suppliers.
could result in price stabilization for soybean farmers, he said.
There's still more than $7 billion stashed in a three-year-old price stabilization fund.
The BOJ law should be revised during the coming ordinary Diet session so as to allow the central bank to set a price stabilization target, Kozo Yamamoto, a House of Representatives member of the LDP, said when he visited Koizumi at the premier's official residence.
He documents the desirability of, and the trade-off between, nominal price and asset price stabilization in response to this shock.
Bulog was established in the late 1960s as a government agency responsible for the purchase and price stabilization of basic commodities, particularly rice.
Producers will also try to obtain a suppression of the clause which mentions that the agreement is the sole price stabilization tool.
Forward looking behavior would imply a degree of automatic price stabilization.