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Additionally, we examine the use of price-earnings ratio as an alternative measure:
The second section discusses the short-term outlook for the stock market, based on the past relationship of stock market performance to the price-earnings ratio and the level of market interest rates.
The other factor in the price formula is the price-earnings ratio.
With this strategy, stock corporations are selected on the basis of three factors: price-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio, and ratio of company value to operating income (cash flow).
The analyst noted Apple's price-earnings ratio of 14.
With an average price-earnings ratio of six, Ghalibaf Asl said Iranian stocks are attractive to investors inside and outside the country -- even if Iran faces major geopolitical uncertainties and the constant risk of more sanctions.
Is this the same Tyson Foods that notched a 51 percent growth in sales last year and has a price-earnings ratio on its stock of 22-to-1 like a good growth stock should?
For example, if a stock trades at a 10-to-1 price-earnings ratio, a $1 million direct tax savings reflected in earnings per share can enhance stock value by $10 million.
Samsung Electronics Co has the lowest price-earnings ratio among the world's 20 biggest companies, rallied 7.
Despite solid earnings, Elf lacked the international profile that could improve its price-earnings ratio, which remains relatively low compared to other international oils.