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From that beginning NASCAR grew into a popular niche sport, occasionally showcased on Wide World of Sports, stunted by the inferiority complex it felt before the more professional and sophisticated (read: international) practitioners of Indy-style racing, and enriched by the personalities of the drivers, especially the showmanship of the brilliant Richard Petty (who, lauding NASCAR's spirit of teamwork in his introduction to One Helluva Ride, pricelessly avers, "There's no I in racing").
Following her arrest, Boone pricelessly distinguished "art" from "arms," but Magid brings the two close, as loaded tools of a similar sort, each of which symbolizes abstract structures in need of a personal touch.
When she tells Basil, "If I find out that you won that money on a horse race, you know what I'll do, Basil," he pricelessly retorts, "You'll have to sew it back on first.
The performances are utterly generous with everyone getting their turn to shine, but the film is completely stolen by Vincent Franklin and Jason Watkins who, subverting all politically correct reservations as the camply gay wedding planners overseeing all the arrangements, are so pricelessly loveable and hysterical they absolutely deserve their own spin-off TV series.
He kept the puck controlled, pulled Klempa out of position and tucked the rubber disc pricelessly into the net.
Numerous intelligent people whose opinions I normally respect were prepared to apologize for what seemed to me patently an act of barbarism on the pricelessly sophistical grounds that it was, of all things, a victory for "the rule of law" There are times, gentlemen, when decency requires that we echo Dickens's Mr.
Peterson has managed to take her heavily mascaraed alter ego from a very gay, campy local Los Angeles TV show, where she made pricelessly bitchy comments while screening old horror movies, to being the symbol of Halloween slapped on the side of 12 packs of beer every October.
A host of extraordinary, trailblazing talents, whose unifying quality is that they eschew the humdrum, will be on hand to entertain the denizens of Ethania: Pwhelli's Andrew Hodges; acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Sarah Mumford; Bangor's S B Ting; Cut 23; the pricelessly idiosyncratic, Afallon; acoustic intimacy from Holyhead's own Rob Griffiths; Waxwane; the electronically-enhanced, bounteously talented, Mank; Alan Holmes' new alchemic musical project, Parking Non-Stop, that takes the sounds of the earth and turns them into beguiling soundscapes; Nixon and Jarvis; the sound craft of Duncan Black, and all compered by the Marquis Ethania-Ping.
The songs, written and performed by the cast, pricelessly skewer the various splinters of the folk movement.
An American footballer pricelessly named Peerless Price - no, I err; if his name was priceless it would be plain Peerless; oh, well, never mind - is addicted to the late hit, apparently.