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lectures at every stop in the tour where magicians can be a part of the pricelessly informative and inspirational hands-on coaching in a fun setting,” said, Conn Owner Doug Conn Magic
And before you start, I'm not bandwagon-jumping - the knives having been out for, as David Bowie pricelessly put it in that episode of Extras, "The little fat man with the pug-nosed face" for a while now.
At this point it is probably futile to point out how pricelessly funny all this is, but somehow when Walsh's play isn't unbearably tense, it's hilarious.
He has been eager not to have Sea The Stars 'pigeon-holed' as a Derby horse, and in terms of valuation he has made his point pricelessly with this Guineas win over that commercially crucial mile.
In the most Pythonesque comment ever made by a professional sportsman, Beckham claimed he deliberately got booked so he could sit out his resulting ban against Azerbaijan, pricelessly adding: "I am sure some people think I have not got the brains to be that clever.
Pricelessly played by Rebecca Fisher, Avalyn is a lonely misfit thrilled to find a friend.
ECHO Arts Award winner Keith Carter brought Park Road scally boy Nige back to the Court and ripped the roof off it again with a selection of his character's pricelessly entertaining drug-addled observations and an unconventional song of love gone bad.
Willetts struck five fours in an unbeaten 40 which escorted his side to victory in the 47th over and, pricelessly, 20 points to Himley's six.
In comes Wren (a pricelessly mean Laura Odeh), the snake in the garden: She has stories to tell them, some of which may be lies.
Brown`s spells with the Hammers, Norwich City, Plymouth Argyle and Gillingham have made him a pricelessly street-wise customer for Barry to have at the helm.
But the most pricelessly Partridge-esque moment of the week came when Madeley drifted off into an anecdote about the time he dreamt he was in the cupboard under the stairs - a story that concluded, triumphantly, "And I WAS in the cupboard under the stairs.