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However, if we couple this belief with that third sense of the pricelessness of human life, the results are morally and economically disastrous.
The problems posed by pricey medical innovation combined with a belief in the pricelessness of human life began with the passage of the 1972 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) amendments to the Medicare program.
6) That Congress got the numbers wrong is excusable; that it endorsed the rhetoric of the pricelessness of human life is intolerable.
Behind this is a subtle version of the pricelessness of human life claim.
12) More problematic still is the social hypocrisy fostered under these circumstances: Medicare or private health insurance plans that pay for $100,000 anticancer drugs like Avastin can affirm their endorsement of the pricelessness of human life (for those with the relevant insurance coverage) while drawing our gaze away from the uninsured or underinsured, as well as those who cannot afford the 20 percent copay their plan demands.
Here we have an example of the moral insidiousness of a background belief in the pricelessness of human life.
21) This looks like a major misallocation of health care resources, unless our starting premise is the pricelessness of human life.
A new "socio-economic rat ionality" would recognize nonconsequentialist reasons, constitutive choices, pricelessness, nonrational motivation, and community preference production.
With regard to the rationality of altruistic volunteering, it is noteworthy that both the notion of pricelessness and of community preference production involve something like a meta-preference for participating in the development of community.
The only externality present is entailed by the convention of money itself, a convention I discuss in relation to the element of pricelessness.
Yet the challenge to equality, like the challenges to pricelessness and uniqueness, is also conceptually no greater than challenges we already face.